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Join our mission to revolutionize the traditional approach to foreign direct investment through more deliberate, innovative strategies.

ORBATL is the Connector for International Investors and Regional Businesses

Metro Atlanta has the 10th largest economy in the United States and is the economic hub of the Southeast. ORBATL leverages the region’s global and domestic access to consumers, talented workforce and competitive business environment to highlight the region’s appeal as a rich epicenter of commerce.

ORBATL is the Connector for International Investors and Regional Businesses

Metro Atlanta’s robust economy fosters mutual growth that international businesses desire.

Regions like metro Atlanta drive U.S. economic growth, exports and foreign direct investment. This positions the region as a global portal for international businesses to invest in the U.S. market through greenfield investment, brownfield investment or mergers and acquisitions. ORBATL supports these investment activities through various programs and strategies established in the Foreign Direct Investment Plan, including:

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